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About us

Technosolution srl was founded as a company dealing with wood technologies (machinery and tools) thanks to the great experience acquired in this field. It has extended its market to finished products (doors, windows, kitchen and furniture) and accessories (ironmongery etc) and to the latest innovation systems (home automation, robotics).Our main activity is trading although we consider ourselves as brokers being the connection between the manufacturer and the final user.Our mission is to provide our clients with the ideal solution for their production line; therefore we selected the best quality/price suppliers for each product.We are very keen to share our supplier contacts with our clients in order to increase the commercial opportunities for the benefit of both.We think that what has been considered as an economic crisis in 2008 was actually a major change in the market regulation which affected production and trading rules.As a consequence, all those companies which did not comply with the innovation have been forced to shut down and so will be for those which won’t update. We believe this will bring a new era of economic growth.Despite the lack of assistance from our government and the fact that it seems to be the worst enemy of private enterprises, we are confident that the ones who understand the new market will also have a new golden era